Selling Your House in a Slow Real Estate Market

In the current real estate market there are more sellers than buyers and houses have gone from being on the market for an average of 42 days a year ago to an incredible average of 120 days or more! So how do you sell your house in a slow real estate market?

While it is typical for real estate agents to say, „Drop your price“ (which is money right out of the home seller’s pocket) I can say, „Let me show you how I can help buyers fall in love with your house so they’ll want to buy now.“

Which message do you find more appealing?

I realised very early on in my real estate investing career that a well presented house made a huge difference to the amount of profit I made – in fact I made thousands extra because of the effort I put into presenting my renovated houses for sale.

Home staging is a relatively new concept for sellers in the Australian real estate market but it is fast becoming the way of the future especially if you want to sell your house in a slow market. I recently interviewed Australia’s No 1 Real Estate Agent, Anthony Toop of Toop & Toop for my up and coming book. When I asked him about the importance of home staging he said:-

„When I started in this business the home presentation industry did not exist. Nobody was doing it, it was unheard of. Over time the good real estate agents began taking the initiative. When it first penetrated the public’s consciousness on a professional level it was thought of as a luxury. Today it has become a standard operating procedure for houses being prepared for sale. It is a genuine growth industry as people have realised it has added value to the user. In short, it is a necessary part of optimising your return out of a property sale.“

Now more than ever Vendors need specialised help to sell their house faster and for more and staging is a surefire way to give your home a competitive edge over other properties on the market. House Staging will help you sell your house in any market.

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Sell Your Own House Without A Realtor – 6 Fantastic Ways To Save Yourself Thousands of Dollars!

I would hazard a guess the thought of having to pay a realtor thousands of dollars in order to list your property and then market it for you is almost scary enough for you to stay put in your home. However, you can of course make the effort to sell your own house without the aid of a realtor (thus saving yourself thousands of dollars). I should warn you that this will involve plenty of research and hard work on your part, and therefore being lazy just won’t cut it.

The reason I say this is because it is estimated that up to 90% of homeowners, who attempt to sell their own home, end up being unsuccessful and eventually turn to a realtor anyway. The remaining 10% are likely to end up lowering their sale price, so ironically the money that is saved from not hiring a realtor is lost anyway.

However, this does not mean it is impossible to sell your own house, but simply that a little more hard work and research is required. Personally, I believe this „failure“ rate may be down to people thinking selling a property is easy. But if the truth be told there is far more to it than simply sticking a for sale sign on the lawn and then waiting for the barrage of phone calls.

In fact, that’s the easy part. If you are looking to sell your own home then learning the various laws and regulations that are part and parcel of a successful sale is something that you will need to consider. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you need to study for the next four years and earn yourself a real estate degree, but a little knowledge can go a long way. I would suggest that you try the following if you wish to be successful in selling your own property:-

1) Educate yourself – this may involve visiting City Hall, the registrar of deeds, and of course a little studying at the local library cannot do any harm. The specific factors that you should concentrate on will include learning how to price your home correctly, as if the price is too high or too low you may not be able to attract the right type of buyer, if any at all.

You will also need to learn what professionals will need to be involved in the home selling process, how you can get yourself a really good lawyer, the basics of setting up an escrow account, and how to find yourself a home appraiser. Possibly, the most important part of the process is setting the right price for your property. However, you are able to complete a great deal of this research online which may involve checking MLS listings and various real estate websites. This will give you the opportunity to view listings of recent sales in your neighbourhood.

2) The professional appraisal – as I’ve mentioned, setting both a realistic and reasonable price is probably the best way to sell your own home. In addition to this, hiring a professional appraiser will give you an outsider’s view of your home, and is likely to alert you to any essential repairs that will need to be carried out.

I guess it’s hard to be impartial about your own house, and therefore it is essential that you have a professional outsider’s point of view. This also looks far more professional from a potential buyer’s perspective, and you may even be able to convince them not to complete an inspection of their own.

3) How well prepared is your home? – Prior to listing your property, I would always suggest that you make it ready for your onslaught of visitors. This should include making any essential repairs, especially those that may diminish the perceived value of your home. If at all possible, you should also give the walls a fresh coat of paint and touch up the painted trims.

It is also a great idea to de-personalise the inside of your home as much as you possibly can. This should include removing any family heirlooms and photos, and indeed any clutter from every room in your home. Obviously, we want to make your home look is clean and fresh as possible, and this should also include cleaning out your closets and storage areas.

It is often said that the whiter and brighter that your property looks, the more attractive it becomes to a potential buyer. Lastly, never forget about the front yard, as this will be the first impression the buyer gets of your home. Tidy up the lawn and remove any children’s toys and any unsightly mess. You should also scrub down the front door, as well as a shining any brass bells or knockers.

4) Learn how to advertise – you can still get your property listed without having to pay a realtor. The Internet is, without doubt, becoming one of the most popular places for many homebuyers to start their search for a property. In fact, it is believed that well in excess of 80% of all homebuyers will begin looking for the property of their dreams using this method. There are various for sale by owner websites that will allow you to list your property, and include photographs and particulars of your home.

Once again, this is not something that you should take lightly, and I would enlist the help of a professional photographer in order to make your listing stand out as much as possible. If you wish you could actually add this photo to newspaper ads and flyers, which would all help to generate more interest in your home. There are even a number of websites from which you can obtain a professional looking for sale sign.

5) Open house – this is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to sell your own home. It will obviously need a lot of hard work and dedication from you, as you will need to be available to take telephone calls and make appointments to show your property. As long as you realise that selling your house isn’t going to be an overnight thing, and if you’re willing to put the work in, it won’t be too long before you see results.

6) Can you negotiate? – I guess one of the reasons many people are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a realtor is because they don’t want the hassle of having to deal with a potential buyer, and indeed having to negotiate a price with them. However, without the aid of a realtor, this extremely important task is down to you. You should always have a firm minimum price in mind, and no matter what, never go below this. Yes, there should always be room for both you and a potential buyer to negotiate, but you still need to get the best deal possible.

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How to Advertise Your Home For Sale Quickly and Effectively

Real estate is a very difficult field and whether you are looking to sell your home or look for a new home to reside in, it can be a long and lengthy process. Selling your home can generally be a more difficult task as there are many different factors you need to take into account to ensure that your property is not on the market for too long, which will allow you to move into a new property sooner, and also so your home is sold for a reasonable price compared the original price it was purchased for. As the field of real estate can be a difficult one, there are few different methods you can use in order to advertise your home and get a sale quickly.

If you are looking to advertise and sell your home yourself, you need to firstly think of a way in which you can promote your home so it attracts as many potential buyers as possible. Look at the key features of your home in terms of how many rooms it has; the overall size of the property and any extra features it has such as a good sized garden and any appliances which may be included in the sale. When thinking about the best way to pitch your home to a potential buyer think about where most potential buyers look for properties for sale and where you are more likely to find buyers who are interested in your home.

There are a variety of publications you can use to advertise your home for sale such as magazines which specialize in classifieds and real estate. However, as you are more than likely looking for a quick sale, magazines may not be the best solution as they are not as regularly published as some other forms of literature. One of the best methods of literature you can use to advertise your home is newspapers. There are a wide range of newspapers in every location which specialize in general local news whilst also including a number of pages with classifieds.

There are also a range of newspapers which are dedicated purely to items for sale, but these may not be as frequent as your local newspaper. When placing your ad, ensure to include a small photograph of the property and list the key features of your home. However, in order to grab a buyer’s attention, it is best to keep the description short, but still include words which will attract a potential buyer. By keeping it short, you will also save money on the final price of the advertisement.

One of the most popular methods of advertising a home for sale is through an internet listing. There are many real estate sites on the net at the moment, so by doing some prior research, you can find the best sites which are located near to you. By keeping the site as close to your area as possible, you may find you acquire more potential buyers. These types of advertisements can often be slightly cheaper than a newspaper advertisement and as the internet is more widely viewed, you have a higher chance of attracting someone’s eye.

Again, ensure a good quality picture is included and an appealing description. You can use internet advertising via a real estate agent also who may charge you slightly more for the advertisement, but may provide you with more in terms of how much text you can include within the ad. In some cases, you may also find that the agency will write up the advert for you, making it a much more successful advertisement.

Selling a home may be hard, but by looking at the best ways in which you can advertise your home for sale, you could soon see yourself saying goodbye to your old home, and hello to your new one.

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11 Things To Check Around Your Home After A Hail Storm

With record amounts of hail damage lately it is easy to see some of the serious damaged areas. Most home owner insurances will send someone out to assess the damage and they are very good at helping deal with your loss or damaged home. Hail can do some very serious damage to anything in its path. I have witnessed everything from roof damage to shrubs around homes that probably will die from the hail storms.

I have compiled a short list of things to look for to help assess your damage.

1. Roof; Hail can literally beat the life completely out of your roof. The amount of damage to the roof is directly related to the size of the hail and how long the storm lasts; dime sized hail will do some damage but, hail as large as a golf balls will destroy a roof in just a few minutes. To look for hail damage you will need to get on a ladder (Safety First, only climb where you feel safe) and look for random areas that have round damaged areas, remember whenever you look at a roof that is 10 years or so old it will have some uneven spots. If you see several of these dents or divots where the granules are missing or anything worse on your roof there is a good chance your roof surface will need to be replaced.

2. Gutters; Gutters are usually aluminum and will dent very easily in a hail storm, look along the tops for dents. In a storm with high winds the hail will even damage the downspouts. Look for small dimples along the entire run of the gutters and downspouts.

3. Chimney or Gas vents; Metal chimney caps and rain caps can be damaged by the hail stones. The very high chimneys should be checked by a roofing contract or someone with the proper equipment to access the top. The aluminum gas vent covers are made of soft aluminum and can be totally crushed but they are easily replaced.

4. Flashing; Aluminum flashing along wall intersections and chimneys are very subject to be damaged. Step flashing cut into brick chimneys are susceptible to be damaged and are not easily repaired.

5. Skylights; if you have skylights they should be looked at closely. The aluminum frames are subject to severe damage, and look for cracked or broken glass. The plex-glass dome type are subject to get small cracks and should be looked at very closely.

6. HVAC Units; Your outside heating a cooling may have a few dents on top but this should not hurt the performance of the unit. The important thing to look at is the fins and coils along the side, if the fins are damaged the unit will not get good airflow or create a leak causing problems. Notify a Heating and cooling contractor check units.

7. Windows; Broken glass is easy to see, but check along the sash and trim for damage. There are many different styles of windows but the vinyl trim along many brands that is susceptible to being broken during storms. Look closely at every window.

8. Window Screens; The window screens are easily examined for damage. List and replace as needed.

9. Siding; the type cladding of your home will determine the amount of time necessary to inspect. Vinyl siding can be chipped, broken and simply have a hole knocked through it with big hail stones. Brick and stone homes are very unlikely to have problems. EIFS (Synthetic stucco) does not perform very well in hail storms, if you have EIFS on your home you should look closely for dents and holes in the house. This is not something a do-it-yourselfer can repair; get a Stucco contractor to make any repairs. Another thing to consider if you have stucco and the windows are damaged, make sure the seal between the two materials is finished correctly.

10. Outdoor equipment; Grills, children’s play sets or gazebos should be checked for damage.

11. Shrubs; your plants are often overlooked in the process of checking around your home. If you have any seriously damaged trees or shrubs you should call a professional or at least spray the plant with a fungicide to help with the healing process.

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7 Tips on How to Choose Your Lakewood Ranch Realtor

These days it can be quite difficult to sell a Lakewood Ranch home. The real estate market has gone down so quickly that houses are selling for significantly less than they were just a couple of years ago.

For example, houses on our block in Lakewood Ranch are selling for $100,000 dollars less than they were just two years ago.

This makes selling a home in Lakewood Ranch a real challenge.

And, this makes finding the right Lakewood Ranch realtor that much more important.

Unfortunately, many people make crucial mistakes when choosing their realtor…mistakes that can end up costing thousands of dollars…sometimes tens of thousands of dollars.

Here are 7 tips for choosing a Lakewood Ranch Realtor. Tips that will not only help you sell your house, but also save you money!

1. It’s business, it’s not personal – Don’t choose a realtor just because she is your friend. That doesn’t mean you can’t choose a friend to be your realtor…it just means that shouldn’t be the reason you chose her. Choosing a friend to be your realtor can be a huge mistake for two reasons. First of all, just because the person is a good friend doesn’t mean the person is a good realtor. This leads to the second problem, which is your friendship will most likely end.

2. How many listings does the realtor have? A realtor with many listings is not necessarily the best choice. Remember, you want a realtor that is going to devote the necessary time needed to sell YOUR house. If a realtor has many listings then make sure to ask if they have an assistant. Many listings and no assistant simply means the realtor will not be able to put in the time needed to sell your house.

3. When will the realtor list your house in MLS? If you want to sell your Lakewood Ranch home you must be listed in both Sarasota MLS and Manatee County MLS. This is the single most important step in selling your Lakewood Ranch home. Therefore, your realtor should have your house listed in BOTH within 24 hours. There is simply no excuse for a realtor to take one or two weeks get your house listed.

4. How many pictures will the realtor post in your listing? Along with knowing how long it will take to get listed in MLS you should also ask how many pictures will be posted. If there are no pictures in MLS chances are your house will not be shown. Remember, if a picture is worth a thousand words then fifteen pictures is worth fifteen thousand words.

5. Where else will the realtor list your house? While having your home listed in Sarasota and Manatee County MLS is by far the most important, you should also ask your realtor where else your house will be listed. These days many people search for a home on the Internet without a realtor. They search in places like Craigslist, eBay, Yahoo Real Estate, Google, Zillow, Truilla as well as online newspaper websites such as the Sarasota Herald Tribune, New York Times, and the Boston Globe. Make sure your realtor intends to list you in as many (if not all) of these places.

6. Will the realtor tell you the truth? Make sure to find a realtor that has a reputation for being brutally honest. Often times realtors tell their clients just what the client „wants“ to hear. Realtors are often afraid of telling the client the brutal, honest truth. The fact is you are hiring a realtor for their expertise, not just to tell you what you want to hear. Let’s face it…if you bought a house in Lakewood ranch in the summer of 2005 you are NOT going to be able to sell it for the what you paid for it. If you bought your Lakewood Ranch home for $450,000 in 2005 you should expect to sell it for roughly $350,000 in 2008. That’s the brutal, honest truth. A realtor who tells you otherwise is just telling you what you want to hear.

7. Will your realtor cut their commission? This is important! Most brokers will NOT allow their real estate agents to cut their commission. And, even if they do, most realtors are not willing to do so. This is a huge mistake on their part. A typical real estate commission has the seller paying 6% of the sale price (3% to the selling agent and 3% to the buying agent). However, there is absolutely no reason why YOUR agent (the selling agent) should not cut their commission. Just think of the amount of money you can save if your real estate agent only charges you a 1.5% commission. You can literally save thousands of dollars. For example, a Lakewood Ranch house that sells for $500,000 would typically have to pay $30,000 in commissions ($15,000 for each agent). Now, if YOUR agent cuts her commission in half, you just saved yourself $7,500! Again, most brokers will not allow their agents to do this so you MUST ask. If they are unwilling to do so then continue your search for another Lakewood Ranch realtor who is willing to cut her commission.

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Commercial Property Marketing – Tips for Marketing the Property and Reaching the Right Target Market

In this property market today, the types of enquiry and the number of buyers around looking for property are limited. On this basis the marketing process for selling commercial real estate should be quite specific and directed at the correct target market.

It only takes a couple of weeks before the listed property will become old information and irrelevant to the local property clients. The first two weeks of the marketing campaign should be quite specific and contain the greatest amount of focus and momentum to capture the target market that you seek.

Every property that is taken to the market for sale today, should have a specific target market that is clearly defined before the marketing process is constructed and costed.

If the marketing process is not matched to the local area, the target market, and the property type, the landlord or property owner will be wasting their time and precious marketing funds.

The marketing of commercial real estate today to be successful, must be matched to a number of key factors such as the following:

  • The price range that is acceptable to the typical property buyer. In saying this, it is necessary to research the levels of comparable sales in the local area over the last 12 months together with the existing unsold properties in the local area. Anything that can give your trending pattern of purchase price and market enquiry should be assessed.
  • The method of sale that will attract the target market without dissuading them from negotiating. Some buyers will simply not be able to operate under auction conditions of sale. That being the case, and where you still wish to attract the best price in the current prevailing market conditions, it may be more logical to use the tender method of sale, or the expressions of interest process.
  • Multiple marketing channels should be used that comprehensively cover the local property market, the property investors, and or the business owners that seek property to occupy.
  • The correct timing of the sale should be adopted so that it reaches the potential purchaser without any seasonal confusion or downturn generated from public holidays or business holidays.
  • Vendor paid advertising is still very common in the industry although property owners are more reluctant to part with their marketing funds when enquiry can be slower or difficult. The real truth of the situation says that marketing is now more important than ever before. The purchasers of property tend to be more selective with the properties that they seek and more protracted in the negotiations that they undertake.

Given the above factors, the marketing processes for commercial real estate today are more important than ever before. Properties will sell in any market and at any time.

The major factor today in conversion of a property listing to a contract and completed settlement will come from the diligence of the agents in correctly listing the property and the comprehensive exercising of relevant skills in closing the deal.

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Defensive Buying – 5 Ways to Buy Smart in a Down Economy

Depending on where you live, your local real estate market may be experiencing a downturn. Historically, these market adjustments have served as a natural protection against runaway price inflation, and in the long-run can be very positive, but as a buyer in one of these markets you must buy smart to protect your financial future.

Here are 5 ways in which you can take advantage of a down market and protect your interests for the future at the same time…

1. Look at the local job market. Know who the major employers are in town and where their employees typically live. Read the papers and pay attention to the stability of these employers. If the company is in financial trouble, or is going to lay off employees, be careful about buying in areas heavily populated by their employees. Yes, you may get a great deal, but home prices may drop dramatically around you and cause you to lose money. Plan for that in your negotiations.

2. Research new commercial developments in your area. If you discover that a new retail / commercial center is going in near an area you desire to live in, take the time to find out what stores are planned for the development, and look at how things like traffic flow and access are going to be addressed. A bad plan can negatively affect area property values, but conversely a well-planned development can draw buyers like a magnet raising property values.

3. Learn about zoning. If you buy a home right next to land zoned for commercial development and you do not realize it, your property value could be negatively affected by the increase in traffic and the type of development. If you are looking in a fully-developed residential area this may not prove to be much of a factor, but be aware of any nearby open spaces and their zoning that could make access to your residential area more challenging. Again, good developments can be to your benefit, but consider how the changes could affect value in your negotiations.

4. Drive the area you desire to live in. Take a camera and a note pad to record what you find. Look for things like for-sale signs, blighted properties, new construction or residential developments, open lots and land, road construction and access, and the availability of retail services. Lots of ‚for sale by owner‘ or real estate signs could spell trouble as numerous homes for sale could cause a price reduction war to sell. Again, it may be to your benefit, but you must consider this in your negotiations.

Blighted properties will reduce the value of homes in the immediate area, and new construction, or anything that increases housing density can ultimately reduce value in a slow market as inventory increases and the number of buyers decreases. Be wary of new developments without any noticeable construction activity as there may be financial issues that could affect the value of all of the homes in the area. Don’t be the sucker that pays top price for a home nobody wants.

Open lots and the availability of land can be a positive depending on the area you are looking in, but keep in mind that zoning can change and there are lots of commercial developers out there looking for any sliver of land possible to develop in many markets.

5. Negotiate strongly with the seller. I am a firm believer in homes being exchanged for fair market values, meaning the transaction should be a win-win, but that doesn’t mean you cannot, or should not attempt to negotiate your best terms. Do your research and come to the table armed with extensive, current market knowledge, and a willingness to set your final terms and stick with them. Be reasonable, but firm. Be aware of the long-term implications of your purchase and ensure you have an exit strategy in place. Most importantly, do not be afraid to stand your ground. If you have done your research, the numbers will speak for themselves.

I hope these ideas will help you make a smart purchase in a down market. You must keep in mind that even if you get a great deal on a home, the market can continue to slow down and negate your gains. Know your market well enough to withstand the fluctuations. Above all, secure competent, knowledgeable assistance from professionals in the real estate industry to answer your questions and educate you so you can buy smart in our current market.

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Real Estate Agent – Why You Need a Good Agent

Today it’s easier than ever to find real estate information on the web. The availability of information leaves some home buyers wondering if they really need a good real estate agent on their side. If you’re looking to buy a home it’s definitely a good idea to find a good local agent that can help. Here are some of the top reasons you should hire a quality agent to help you through the buying process.

They Boast Experience and Education

First, you’ll find that a good real estate agent boasts experience and education in real estate. Learning everything about buying real estate in a short time is almost impossible. This means you need to hire someone that knows everything about it. The best agents will also have experience in this field, which means they’ll be able to use their experience to your advantage.

Knowledge of the Neighborhood

Another reason you need good local agent is because they have a working knowledge of the neighborhood. Agents that work in the area will have essential knowledge that will help with the buying process. They’ll have information on schools, local crime statistics, and comparable sales. Local knowledge is important when buying a home and a knowledgeable agent can definitely be an asset.

Make the Most of Your Time

Most home buyers lead a busy life, which means you want to make the most of your time. A good real estate agent can help you to maximize the time you have. Simply driving around the local area is not the most effective way to find the home you want. A good agent will listen to your needs and wants and then give you great home suggestions based on what you are looking for. Agents have better access to homes that are for sale, which means you’ll be able to avoid wasting your time on homes that may not really meet your needs.

The Power of Good Negotiating Skills

Negotiating a good deal is an important part of buying a home. Chances are that you don’t have the needed negotiation skills to get a good deal. A good agent is well-practiced at negotiating real estate deals. They’ll help you come to a good deal with the seller. Good negotiation skills are powerful and can be used to help you get a fair price on the home you want.

Effectively Handle Important Paperwork

You may be surprised to find that buying a home comes with a huge amount of paperwork. Having all the paperwork filled out correctly is important. You could lose thousands of dollars or even end up in court if the paperwork has an omission or mistake. Your local real estate agent can effectively handle all this important paperwork for you. They’ll make sure it is filled out correctly so you don’t have any legal problems in the future.

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How You Could Avoid Repossession By Using An Ethical Rent Back Scheme

Sadly the statistics of repossession are growing with a 65% increase in the amount of homeowners being faced with the horror of losing their homes. The rise in interest rates, which on average boosts mortgage repayments up by £500 per year goes towards these statistics. It really is a grim picture, with over 100,000 homeowners admitting to be in arrears of two months or more and a predicted 19,000 homes expected to fall back into the hands of the mortgage lender due to repossession every year.

For these people life becomes an increasing struggle and an ever growing worry; however there is a solution which should be given some thought that could greatly ease the pressure and worry of repossession. An ethical sell and rent back company could buy your home quickly, and would allow you to remain in it while paying affordable monthly rent to them.

Looking online, you will be able to find ethical specialists in selling and rent back, who could work with you to help you avoid repossession by your lender. As time is crucial when stopping repossession, firms such as these will act in the shortest times possible to buy your home, which then allows you to settle up with your mortgage lender. It is quite usual for the whole process of buying and renting back to be completed in around 7 to 10 days.

The beauty of going with specialists such as this is that you do not have to look around for buyers, there are no chains which might break, any costs are paid by the company, such as solicitor’s fees and of course the biggest bonus is the fact that you are able to remain in the property.

A sell and rent back scheme can work very well for those who have limited options and are faced with imminent repossession of their home. A prime example of this would be if you are so far behind in mortgage arrears that there is no possibility of catching up on the missed repayments. Of course if problems have just arisen with your finances and this is only in the short term, then in the first instance you should contact your lender to see if they are willing to reach an agreement.

If you are considering a sell and rent back option then it is essential to choose a professional company. The company should always have the homeowner’s best interests at heart and work alongside them to reach a financial solution tailored to the needs of the individual and which they can afford.

A specialist would work with you to come to an agreed purchase price along with the monthly rent you will pay to remain in the property. However, it doesn’t stop there as an ethical company will quash proceedings for repossession which may have begun and give advice on the procedures you will have to follow to in relation to the Court. Of course, as with all contracts, you should always read the small print of any contract you are considering before actually signing your home away.

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Sell Your Home Quickly Without a Realtor – How to Sell Your House Fast Without Paying Fees

The property market has slowed down recently and has made it very difficult for homeowners to sell. Many of you may be feeling overwhelmed by the decrease in value of your home and the price that the real estate agent has tried to convince you was the going rate. If you’ve fallen behind with your mortgage payments and need to sell your home quickly, then the following information should help you achieve your goal.

There are currently thousands of homeowners who are struggling to get out of mortgage rates which have ballooned or maybe you bought a larger home than you could afford because at the time the market was good. Let’s face it: most of us did not intend for the market to take a turn for the worse so when the rates were low, we bought way above our means. Now that making the monthly payment has you concerned and you do not want to go bankrupt or have your home foreclosed upon; it’s time to sell.

If you want to sell your home quickly without a realtor and also avoid paying those high commissions, then getting cash for your home is the best advice I can offer you. Now how do I go about doing this you may ask? Keep on reading and I’ll share this information with you. Using the internet as a tool is one of the best ways to get cash for your home. By dealing with companies that will buy your home for cash, you’ll be able to avoid the hassles of a real estate company and also sell your home quickly.

You can get paid cash for your home and not have to waste time painting and adding new carpet to attract buyers; these agencies will buy your home as is and can often have the deal completed in one day. When it’s time to sell, most of us do not have the time or energy to deal with all the hassles of selling in a declining market. If you want cash for your home and want to sell your home quickly, then this may be the option you’ve been searching for. You can avoid paying out unnecessary fees and commissions and keep all that cash in your pocket. It’s your home, why shouldn’t you benefit from the sale? Why waste any cash value you have earned from your home by handing your money over to a sales agent?

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