Best Accredited Schools for Sonography Students in and Near Indianapolis, Indiana

The Midwestern city of Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana and home of the world famous Indianapolis 500 auto race held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This is also a city that is home to four major healthcare systems, a set of smaller medical facilities and the Indiana University Medical Center. There is a well-developed system of hospitals, clinics, physician offices and research facilities offering excellent employment opportunities for Diagnostic Medical Sonographer professionals and networking opportunities for students.

Sonography Education in Indianapolis, Indiana

As of 2014 there are almost 49,000 students attending a number of colleges and universities in Indianapolis, including Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis, Ivey Tech Community College-Central Indiana, and Butler University. Students ready to pursue an educational track will find two programs accredited by CAAHEP in Indiana and both are less than 200 miles from Indianapolis. The best programs accessible to Indianapolis students offer a choice of earning an Associate degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography with a cardiac concentration or a Bachelor’s degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography with a general concentration or a specialization concentration in cardiac or vascular sonography.

There are also accredited sonography schools in nearby cities, but outside of Indiana. A CAAHEP accredited program closer to Indianapolis is in Louisville, Kentucky, approximately 115 miles away, and offers students the opportunity to earn an Associate degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography with a general or vascular concentration. Attending a CAAHEP accredited program is important, even if it requires commuting, because they have been reviewed for the quality of their requirements and how well the coursework and clinical training prepares students to take the ARDMS exams. Financial assistance is available in the form of federal and state student loans, but sonography scholarships are ideal because they do not have to be repaid.

Salary and Job Outlook for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers in Indianapolis, Indiana

The median annual salary for ultrasound technicians in the federally designated Indianapolis-Carmel, IN metropolitan/nonmetropolitan area is $65,760. That salary equates to $31.61 per hour. The figures are remarkably close to the national averages for this profession at median annual wages of $65,860 or $31.66 per hour. The employment outlook is excellent as Indianapolis can expect to meet or exceed the state projected growth of 40 percent for the period 2010 through 2020 since the largest health systems in the state are located in this city. Program graduates can usually get assistance from their school when ready to identify potential ultrasound jobs.

A List of Best Schools for Diagnostic Medical Sonography Study in or Near Indianapolis, Indiana

School Name: Franciscan St. Anthony Health

Address: 1201 South Main Street, Crown Point, IN – 46307

State: Indiana

Contact Person: Tracy Bult AAS, RCS

Contact Phone: (219) 757-6132

Program: Associate Degree

Accreditation: CAAHEP Accredited

School Name: University of Southern Indiana

Address: 8600 University Blvd., Evansville, IN – 47712

State: Indiana

Contact Person: Claudine Fairchild MS, RT, RDMS

Contact Phone: (812) 464-1994

Program: Bachelor Degree

Accreditation: CAAHEP Accredited

School Name: Cincinnati State Technical Community College

Address: 3520 Central Parkway, Cincinnati 45223

State: Ohio

Contact Person: Jackie Turner

Contact Phone: (513)569-1421

Program: Certificate, Associates Degree

Accreditation: CAAHEP

School Name: Kettering College of Medical Arts

Address: 3737 Southern Blvd, Kettering 45429

City: Kettering

State: Ohio

Contact Person: Susan McLaughlin Price

Contact Phone: (937)298-3399 x 55656

Program: Bachelors Degree

Accreditation: CAAHEP Accredited and ARRT Recognized

School Name: Central Ohio Technical College

Address: 1179 University Drive, Newark 43055

State: Ohio

Contact Person: Melinda Shoen

Contact Phone: (740)755-7713

Program: Associates Degree

Accreditation: CAAHEP

School Name: Marion Technical College

Address: 1467 Mount Vernon Ave, Marion 43302

State: Ohio

Contact Person: Debra Myers

Contact Phone: (740)389-4636

Accreditation: CAAHEP Accredited and ARRT Recognized

School Name: Jefferson Community and Technical College-Louisville

Address: 800 W. Chestnut St, Louisville, KY – 40203

State: Kentucky

Contact Person: Becky Stevens

Contact Phone: (502)213-4502

Program: Associates Degree

Accreditation: CAAHEP Accredited and ARRT Recognized

School Name: Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Address: 541 North Fairbanks Court, Suite 950, Chicago 60611

State: Illinois

Contact Person: Casey Clarke

Contact Phone: (312)926-1196

Program: Certificate

Accreditation: CAAHEP

School Name: Rush University

Address: 600 S. Paulina, Suite 1019A, Chicago 60612

State: Illinois

Contact Person: Eileen French-Sherry

Contact Phone: (312)942-7286

Program: Baccalaureate Degree

Accreditation: CAAHEP

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How to Sell a House: Tips From Real Estate Agents

With the country’s declining real estate market, a home seller can easily sell a house if they lower the price. But for others who can’t afford to lower their asking price, it is best to find other ways to make their home more attractive.

Real estate agents are familiar with the trends in the industry. They are also very knowledgeable about selling homes and choosing the right homes. For this reason, we have come up with a list of house selling tips from successful real estate agents.

Make The House Stand Out From The Competition

It is very important for the property to attract potential buyers. Home sellers should consider custom designs or adding a few design touches, such as improving the landscape, or updating the roof and windows. These simple touches can have significant impact in improving the home’s aesthetics. It is important to avoid over-improving the house. For instance, renovating the bathroom and kitchen may not always pay.

Clean The Clutter

Before listing the property in the market, it is crucial to first clean the clutter from the home. Clutter will turn off potential buyers because they cannot picture themselves living in the house. As a tip, consider removing a few unnecessary furniture pieces to make the space look bigger. You should also keep family pictures and other personal items into storage so that potential buyers can imagine themselves staying in the house.

Staging the house is very important. You may want to hire a professional for the job. This may cost additional expense but it will be worth it. Real estate agents believe that a professional stager can make the home more attractive and salable.

The Price Is Right

No matter how you stage your house or how much space you renovated, it is very important to price the property appropriately. An agent can help you determine the right price for your property. You can also hire a property appraiser for the job. It doesn’t matter whether you are offering the lowest price in the neighborhood, especially if your home is very appealing and if you have made significant improvements to your home. It is important, however, that the listing price will not be so far-fetched with the other comparable homes in the market.

Selling a house in a slow real estate market will require patience and perseverance. Make sure that the house is in good condition and hire a credible agent to help you sell the house faster. Following these tips will help increase your chances of getting a good deal for your property.

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First Time Home Buyers – Era of Opportunity

First time home buyers, get ready! Mortgage rates are low and home prices are dropping. This is a great time to buy your first home. A real estate bust can cause a lot pain to existing home owners, but it can be a benefit for a first timer.

A couple of years ago, home prices rocketed into the stratosphere. This left a lot of would-be homebuyers feeling like they had missed the boat. The good news is that the bust has brought a new boat. Of course by boat, I mean opportunity.

You see, the thing about real estate booms is that home prices go way up. In this boom, prices went up much higher than they should have. Logic dictates that prices should fall back down to earth, right? They should fall back to where they ought to be. That is not what is going to happen.

You see, the thing about real estate busts is that for a period of time, home prices are lower than they should be. That time is fast approaching. It has already arrived in some parts of the country. Keep your eyes open and be patient. Unlike the boom era, first time home buyers now have time on their side. Fear is so thick that prices will not shoot up anytime in the near future.

Find a house you can afford, get a low mortgage rate, and use a realtor in your area that offers real estate rebates. Get the best of all worlds. It is a great time to be an intelligent first time home buyer!

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First Time Homebuyers and Down Payment Assistance Programs

May 27, 2010 Down Payment Assistance Programs (DPA’s) for First Time Home Buyers By: Michael A. Foote, CMB

There is money available for first time homebuyers today. In a much needed addition to financing products available today, down payment assistance programs are available once again. Down Payment Assistance Programs are generally a local, state or federal grant or bond program designed to assist certain persons with certain income levels in certain areas, with money that can be used for down payment and closing costs on many purchase loans.

These tax free grants or loans are generally forgivable provided the buyer stays in the home for a designated amount of time. And these dollars can dramatically change the amount of money required for closing when these first time homebuyers buy a home. For example, a typically FHA borrower may have to come up with over 4-7% total of the sales price whereas a borrower with a WISH down payment assistance program may only need to bring in 2-3% total. That’s a huge amount of money on a several hundred thousand dollar transaction. If you amortize out that difference the savings are literally tens of thousands of dollars since most closing costs are financed in the new mortgage.

So what does the process with „DPA“ look like when compared to the regular loan process. Quite frankly, it’s seem less to the user insofar that the lender will generally have to deal with the additional hoops during the process. For the borrower/buyer they probably wouldn’t know the difference. The only real difference is a potential for a slightly longer loan processing time. So is DPA a good idea? Well, lately it has been a challenge for Realtors to get clients using FHA let alone FHA WITH Down Payment Assistance so an argument could be made that using DPA on an Offer to Purchase could be a determining factor for the seller’s side when these choose the offer to open escrow with. The only cure for this pitfall will need to be more product on the market for properties up to the $400,000 range as DPA generally have no purpose and no qualifying borrowers as the sales price rises and/or in areas of high per capita income. Undoubtedly, DPA has a place in today’s financing landscape and those of in the industry are happy to have it, it is one more additional tool to increase homeownership for low to mid income families. And this product will help sell the forecasted shadow inventory rumored to be lurking around the corner.

Only time will tell if that come to fruition or not. These programs are not free from abuse, there have been in the past scams related to DPA and officials, lenders, and large institutions have really scaled back what is allowable as DPA. Also economics play into the availability of these from all the time. There are many DPA’s completely drained of funds.

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Top 8 First Time Home Buyer Grants, Programs and Freebies

A survey by Harvard Business School found 78% of baby boomers and millennials want to buy a home. The catch? Most ‚think‘ they can’t afford one.

In many cases, this may be true. But the research also discovered many can. It found many had an income, credit rating, and time on the job good enough to qualify for the many first time home buyer programs and grants I’ll mention in this article.

Note: For more details, Google all phrases in bold.

1. Federal Housing Administration Loan (F.H.A).

If you have a credit score of at least 580 you could qualify for a mortgage for as low as 3.5 percent of the price of the home.

F.H.A loans have helped more first time homeowners than any other type of loan.

2. United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (H.U.D).

H.U.D offers many first time owner grants and low interest loans, depending on the state, city or area you live in.

Note: For those who now live in public or government housing you may qualify to purchase the home, condo or apartment you now live in through the HUD Public Housing Homeownership Program

3. V. A (Veterans Administration) Loans.

If you’re an active duty service person or veteran you may quality for a no down payment low interest rate loan. The VA loan is the lowest cost mortgage on the market because you’re not required to pay for mortgage insurance.

4. The Good Neighbor Next Door Program.

This program for first time home buyers offers home for up to 50% off the retail price. To qualify you must be a teacher, police officer, fire fighter, or EMT. A $100 down payment is all that’s required.

You must commit to live in the home for at least 36 months.

5. Energy Efficient (or Green) Mortgage.

The energy efficient mortgage was created to help first time homeowners add energy efficient improvements to their home. These loans are insured through VA and FHA programs.

This mortgage let you build an energy efficient home without requiring you to make a larger down payment.

6. HomeReady HomePath Mortgage.

  1. Another popular program for first time home buyers. To quality you must take a short buyer education course. After you complete the course you’ll receive 3% toward closing cost for a mortgage loan. The down payment, 3%, is lower than the lowest FHA loan.

7. HUD Dollar Home Program.

After 180 days on the market, certain unsold HUD Properties are offered exclusively to local governmental entities for $1 for 10 Days. Local city of counties then offer these properties to residents to revitalize communities or neighborhoods.

8. USDA Home Loan Program.

This program focuses on homes in mostly rural areas, if you like or can tolerate country living this loan may be for you. This program guarantees 90% of the loan, which means there may be no down payment required and the loan is fixed. Sweet!

These are the top 7 programs available for first time home buyers. As always, like ocean waves government programs come and go. But as of this writing these programs is helping thousands of first time home buyers who thought they couldn’t afford a home realize their dream. Check them out… you could be next!

First Time Home Buyer Love and Other Freebies

1. No Penalties.

A first-time homebuyer can take out up to $10,000 in contributions from the Roth IRA to pay for the home without penalties. Check with your tax advisor for the latest rules.

2. Real Estate agent. This person can be your greatest fountain of information when looking for your first home. They know your local housing market, the advantages and disadvantages of specific homes. They can help you pick the right home to fit your personal and financial needs and much more. The best part? They’re free if you’re a buyer.

3. Pre-Approvals. Another amazing freebie is pre-approvals. They help save you time and energy. How? They let you know what price range you can afford, helping you and your agent know which houses you should be looking at.

4. First-time Home Buyers‘ Tax Credit (HBTC): The HBTC is a non-refundable tax credit for first-time home buyers and is worth $750. The first-time home buyers‘ tax credit must be claimed on an income tax form no later than one year after the home is purchased.

5. The RRSP Home Buyers‘ Plan (HBP)

This program was designed to let you withdraw funds from your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) before retirement for the purpose of a first home purchase. The advantage of the HBP is that the withdrawal is completely TAX FREE.

The RRSP Home Buyers‘ Plan allows you to withdraw up to a maximum of $25,000. Be sure to consult your tax consultant for more details.

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4 Benefits of Using a Multiple Listing Service

Today, realtors strive to make selling homes for potential sellers as feasible as possible. They have invested millions of dollars in developing Multiple Listing Services (MLS) and other technologies that facilitate efficient transactions. Through the MLS, brokers are able to share information on their property listings with other brokers who get compensated when they produce a buyer. Even though the real estate market is competitive, this arrangement has allowed competitors to cooperate in order to benefit the sellers.

1. Increased Exposure to Property

With MLS, sellers do not need to struggle to get potential buyers to see their property. Instead, the service lists their property, which is viewable to thousands of home seekers who visit the sites. Brokers cooperate with other brokers to list the property on multiple sites. This allows sellers to use a platform that was created by realtors for realtors to leverage a wide market for their property. In the long run, this helps to reduce unnecessary fees.

2. Sellers Can Relax

In the past, sellers used to work with several brokers and realtors when selling a property. This proved to be daunting, especially when making follow-ups and meeting potential buyers. This is no longer the case. With MLS, you take the photos of the property and upload them to the site. This allows buyers to get a picture of the property before a visit. Most providers allow the listing to remain on the site up to 6 months until the seller gets a buyer.

3. Professional Legal Help

There are legal aspects that are involved in selling a property and it is important to get everything right. Any issue could lead to delaying the sale of the property or not selling it at all. There are agreements to be signed that highlight the estimated price, advertising costs, commissions and agreement duration. A multiple listing service helps sellers to understand and meet some of these requirements to ensure a hassle-free sale. They also can help in unique cases such as where a divorce is involved.

4. Guaranteed Seller’s Privacy

MLS are maintained for real estate professionals to assist their clients with buying or selling a property. The participating brokers provide the data of the listings to the public free-of-charge. In such cases, the data is useful to the sale of the property and the buyer may want to access it. However, there are some cases that sellers may want to limit access to certain information such as personal contact information and the times when the property is vacant for showings. The service ensures that the seller’s information is not shared without permission.

Multiple Listing Services are a true reflection of the competition and innovation that exists in the real estate market. These services have help to ensure sellers can advertise their property to a wider audience. It is safe, easy and convenient for both sellers and buyers. There are different business models, such as full service and limited service, that MLS use, and a seller can choose an option that they deem best.

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Boise, Idaho Flat Fee MLS

People look to preserve gains in the sale of their home; if there are no gains, they look to preserve as much of their original equity as possible. Boise no doubt felt repercussions of the real estate boom as well as some real estate deflation afterwards. After all, who in Boise is not familiar with someone who deployed their plentiful California home sales proceeds into a Boise-area home or investment property? Likewise, some of the same investors who were buying properties in Arizona and Nevada moved on next to Boise. Years of low interest rates also allowed many more people to get into the housing market, and at higher prices than before.

Understanding Boise flat fee MLS programs requires you to first understand how real estate brokerage works in and around Boise. Brokers in Ada and Canyon Counties are members of the Intermountain MLS system. (The system is actually quite large and extends to even areas outside of these counties such as Twin Falls) This MLS system provides brokers a place to list their properties for sale. It also allows brokers the ability to offer compensation to other broker-members if they represent a buyer that purchases a listing. Being a member in this system is the main reason that a real estate licensee becomes a Realtor® and joins the local association in the first place.

Because the MLS gives agents and buyers the ability to know exactly what is for sale, what is under contract, and what has recently sold, it has become the de facto marketplace for any and all real estate for sale. Someone looking for a 4 bedroom home in Kuna, over 2000 square feet, but under a particular price point can do a targeted search and find exactly that. They can also use the MLS to see recent comparable sales in determining what they want to offer for a property.

Most Boise home sellers still hire a traditional, full commission agent to get their property on the MLS. A few, however, have discovered the fact that you can hire a flat fee MLS company to list your home on the MLS for a flat fee and no listing commission. While they are licensed by the State of Idaho as real estate brokers, they operate on a low cost, high volume model that allows them to provide this service. Sellers in Boise and virtually every submarket including Eagle, Meridian, Kuna, Caldwell, Nampa, Middleton, Star and others have successfully sold homes through these programs. The trend clearly shows an increase in these types of listings and these sorts of brokers have gotten all sorts of positive encouragement from the United States Department of Justice which is interested in increasing competition in the real estate brokerage sector. Even sellers who engage a traditional agent to sell their home will benefit from flat fee MLS programs in Boise because their agent will need to provide proof of extensive services being provided to justify the higher fees. Look for flat fee MLS listings in Boise and throughout Idaho to increase in the coming years.

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Find A Mexico Real Estate Investment – Online MLS Listings

A lot people, including big names like Jim Cramer of CNBC’s Mad Money and, are suggesting investing in Mexico real estate. So, this is great – let’s invest in Mexico! This is about as useful as being told to invest in stocks to make money. Which stocks? When? How much?

For a real estate investment in Mexico, you also need to know where, when, and how much. Especially, if you are buying on a smaller budget, you will need to find good properties for a good price. Two basic steps can help you with this question. One is to do some on-line research using MLS listings from reliable sites and information about different market areas. The other is to contact an expert.

Some MLS listings provide properties from throughout Mexico. You can start by calculating how much you can invest, and take a look at listings within this range. Browse through, see what’s there.

You can also search by area. Take Playa del Carmen real estate,for example. You want to make a small investment, under $100,000 USD. A options you will find:

  • around $70,000 – a home on the beachfront, in a small gated community. This home could be rented out to vacationers looking for something a little quieter, away from the main tourist traffic. It’s only 10 minutes away from town.
  • around $90,000 – lots in an upscale gated community; homes in this area go for around $500,000 USD. It is a full-service marina and golf community, with a mall, church, school and small shop and restaurant area.
  • Around $100,000 – a 2 bedroom, 2 bedroom home in a new development, about 10 minutes from the beach. There is a pool, 24 hour security and plenty of green space. A great property and community for renting to vacationers on a budget (a proven constant source of income), your own vacations, or family living.

Of course, your options broaden with a larger budget, with the most options right within the $150,000 – $200,000 range. But there’s no need to spend more; you can also explore a variety of areas. You can find more information on the web about areas, how tourism and how the economy is.

After you’ve explored your price range, however, the best source for information is an expert real estate broker. A qualified, experienced broker will be able to make suggestions for areas and property types according to your needs. Their knowledge of the market will also allow them to advise you if your plans are feasible or not, and provide alternative suggestions.

Start your search today; regardless of your budget, Mexico real estate will an investment suitable for you.

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Uptown Dallas Townhomes for Sale – Why Choose This Area?

Uptown Dallas started to emerge as an upscale, activity-laden section of Dallas in the early 1990s. The moniker includes areas known as „the Vineyard,“ „the McKinney Avenue corridor“ and parts of Oak Lawn. In the 21st Century, the area has evolved onto a community where residents, workers and tourists can enjoy the area by car, by foot or by trolley.

When the weather is nice you’ll find hundreds of people strolling down the well-lighted, tree-lined sidewalks, stopping at restaurants, shops and other businesses. The close proximity of stores, transportation and other amenities makes living in Uptown Dallas ideal for people of all ages. It’s the only area of Dallas where you’ll find a wide variety of living options, including luxury and moderately priced apartments, townhomes, condominiums and even historic single-family homes.

The area is directly north of downtown and includes the McKinney Avenue corridor, historic neighborhoods and other attractions, including: Dallas Arts Museum, Dallas Symphony, AT&T Performing Arts Center, Nasher Sculpture Center, Uptown Trolley, West End, West Village, American Airlines Center, The Katy Trail, JFK Museum, Trinity River Project, and Klyde Warren Park.

The area has been revitalized and is teaming with activity, including some of the best restaurants, clubs and shopping. This is Dallas urban living at its best.

The area is compact and hosts a wide spectrum of entities including office buildings, high-rise residential towers, retail centers, and a wide array of shopping and nightlife options. Because of this blend of housing and activities, the area offers a desirable alternative to the sprawl of nearby suburban communities.

What makes the area especially attractive is the availability of upscale townhomes and condos. The assortment rivals other major cities with dozens of townhomes and condos for sale at any given time.

How to Choose a Townhome in Uptown Dallas

First, decide how much space you need. Usually a townhome will offer more space than a condo. Plus, a townhome by definition will have at least two floors where a condo will usually be flat. Multiple floors offer better compartmentalization of living areas, where bedrooms can be separated from living and kitchen areas, etc. Also, townhomes usually offer more bedroom and loft options than condos. And townhomes usually have attached garages whereas condos often utilize common area parking lots.

Next, decide on what part of the area you want to live in. Although the area is somewhat compact, there are many options. You can live in the midst of the „action“ or you can live off the main areas of activity. This is the beauty of Uptown Dallas townhome living… lots of alternatives.

Second, decide on your financing options. If you have good credit and a reasonable down payment, you should have no trouble buying your dream townhome in Uptown Dallas. It’s best to pre-qualify for a loan (unless you’re paying cash) so that your Realtor® will have maximum negotiating flexibility. If your credit is less-than-perfect, a good Realtor® can help you explore your financing options as well.

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So Many Condos for Sale! Tips for Choosing The Right Place to Call Home

Many people are deciding to downsize on their homes today, whether the kids have gone off to college and retirement is coming soon, or they are young professionals not ready to invest in a large home. For these reasons, condominium living has become more popular in recent years. Urban areas as well as casual resort and more rural settings have condos for sale that appeal to just about any taste. These types of lodging are popping up in unexpected places today. They are no longer relegated to the high-rise resorts on the ocean as they were in the mid ’80s. Old warehouses and factories are being converted to provide living spaces, and cities are expanding out into what were once rural areas to allow for multi-family dwellings with a country, natural feel. With this vast array of types of condos for sale, it can be difficult to choose which is right for you. Here are some tips to help you out as you venture into condominium living.

– Like with all home buying, get prequalified for a mortgage first. Find out how much you can afford and what financing options are available to you.

– Select a realtor to help you out on your search. Their services are free, and they can offer you their expertise and knowledge of the area.

– Hire a law firm to help you out with paperwork for closing and legal advice for home buying.

– Have the realtor show you a variety of condos for sale: high-rises, flats, and lodgings with or without amenities like swimming, tennis, doormen, or workout areas.

– Plan to buy the largest space you can afford. Studios and one-bedrooms are difficult to resell, unless you’re in an area near college or university campuses.

– Visit the area at different times of day to gauge traffic, both pedestrian and vehicle, and to find out what the noise level is like.

– Choose a unit with the best view. This makes for easier resale, too. Be sure to pay attention to incoming sunshine, however: a great, sunny view can also mean higher air conditioning costs in summer.

– Check out the parking space situation and be sure there is plenty available for tenants and guests.

– Consider storage options by thinking about how much closet space you’ll need. Most complexes offer some type of on-site garages or storage areas. If not, you may need to incorporate a little extra cost to your mortgage calculation for monthly off-site storage fees.

– Don’t forget to check out evacuation routes in case of emergencies. Be sure to have an inspection performed by a certified building inspector prior to purchasing.

– Talk to neighbors and find out what they like best or what they may not enjoy about living in the complex. Ask around about pet policies and other details that might not have been advertised or explained by your realtor.

With these simple tips in mind and a great idea of exactly what it is you’re looking for in your new home, you can find condos for sale to suit almost any need. It’s a great way to live maintenance-free and in a smaller home when you don’t want or need a lot of space or furniture.

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